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The Wholesale Formula Review


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Welcome to my The Wholesale Formula Review.

The Wholesale Formula is THE proven formula ANYONE can follow to build a massively SUCCESSFUL Amazon business. 

Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors have created a program that has more success stores - hands-down - because they teach a real, true, proven business model for selling on Amazon.

Dylan and Dan have done over $25 million in sales - all starting with only $600.

And their students have sold over $500 million on Amazon.

These unprecedented times have shown how important it is to make money online and create a business that is scalable and profitable. TWF helps you do just that.

If you're looking to successfully sell on Amazon, make money online, and have more freedom than you've ever imagined, then stay here to discover all about The Wholesale Formula and see if its right for you.

The Wholesale Formula Jason Fladlien

Welcome to the single greatest online opportunity.

Right now, more people than ever are shopping online. A massive amount of new Amazon accounts were set up, which means there's a gigantic amount of buyers you can tap into.

And you can tap into the ASAP because you don't have to come up with a product from scratch with zero demand.

You'll be able to do this with TWF, and my mentor, Jason Fladlien - who has made over $100 million online - is going to show you in an exclusive presentation all the details of The Wholesale Formula and how to make it work for you. 

He will show you on the presentation how just 421 customers sold $510,397,441 (half a billion dollars!) using the approaches he's going to show you.

The Wholesale Formula Review

He will even show REAL TIME during the presentation how to find the right products that you can use immediately to go and find wholesale accounts for. 

You don't want to miss this presentation! Sign up by clicking the blue box below (it may also say the option for the replay if you're reading this after it has aired):

Why sell on Amazon?

Amazon has beaten Apple and Google to be the world's most valuable brand at $315.5 Billion. By the end of 2020, experts predict that Amazon will become a $400 Billion dollar business.

What most people don’t know is that around 50% of that money ACTUALLY goes into the pockets of small business owners (the 3rd party sellers - who are you and me!)… not just Jeff Bezos or large corporations.

There’s never been a MONEY MAKING opportunity this BIG in the history of MANKIND!

The Wholesale Formula Review

And not only is it the most valuable, it's the most trusted. Which trust is so important when selling something to someone that they are buying sight unseen.

Customers will trust you simply BECAUSE the product is on Amazon!

The Wholesale Formula Review

AND - more products on Amazon come from people like you and I than from Amazon itself.

In the 2018 letter to its shareholders, Jeff Bezos himself (the Founder of Amazon) said it himself - that the "3rd party sellers (people like you and me) are kicking our 1st party butt - badly."

The Wholesale Formula Review

 Amazon is the most convenient place to buy online. So, we want to swim downstream, not upstream, and sell to people where it's most convenient.

And - it's worldwide. It's in 180+ countries and counting. You can sell to anyone just about anywhere! 

Plus, for us as the third party sellers, it's incredibly convenient, because Amazon does all the heavy lifting. They do all the fulfillment.

The Wholesale Formula Review

Plus - where else can you ship to half of the US population in 2 days or less - for FREE?!

The Wholesale Formula Review

You might be thinking that you need to use your garage and basement space for products when you sell on Amazon. And the answer is NO - you can keep your garage and basement space!

Your products will go directly from the manufacturer, to Amazon, to the customer. 

The Wholesale Formula Review

As a result, you can sell products on Amazon that you've NEVER even touched!

The Wholesale Formula Review

What is The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula was created to help you leverage big brands through the power of wholesale to easily replicate what’s already working on Amazon.

Selling wholesale is the preferred way to sell on Amazon to sell branded products via traditional methods.

This unique system allows you to support small mom and pop shops, so that you become the Robin Hood of Wealth and still profit at the same time, which is unlike most courses out there that promote small business competition, not cooperation.

TWF gives every day people the simple steps to build long term sustainable businesses.

It uses a concept called "Reverse Wholesale." 

More on that below in "How does The Wholesale Formula Work."

The Wholesale Formula Review

Who created The Wholesale Formula?

Dan Meadors & Dylan Frost's Amazon business started with an original investment of $600. It's all the extra money they
could cobble together at the time.

They started it in the middle of Corbin, Kentucky with zero experience.

It only took a few months before their success enabled them to leave their day jobs and sell on Amazon full-time
instead. Since then, they’ve been able to generate over $25,000,000 in sales on Amazon and have delegated the
day-to-day operations of their business so they can spend less time working and more time with their families.

These days, Dan & Dylan don’t work nearly as hard as they used to. In fact, they barely get in 40 hours a week between the two of them…and their Amazon business is doing better than ever. This is because they spent years developing their own unique system to take advantage of wholesale opportunities that allow their business to run, grow and flourish independently of them.

Dan and Dylan teach the The Wholesale Formula, a blueprint of the exact steps they used to build their own multi-million dollar Amazon business.

Dan Meadors says the mission is simple: "We were ordinary guys before discovering the opportunity of selling on Amazon and we feel responsible to share with others how to change their lives forever just like we did.”

What's inside The Wholesale Formula?

Here's the breakdown of the modules in TWF - and then see below them for all the other things you get, too.

Module 1  - Orientation

You'll get the overview of what is going to come in the course and have a sold foundation of what to look forward to and expect. Get ready to start your business!

Module 2 - Product Analysis

Learn all about the ins and outs of a product listing, what makes a product good or bad, and how to do competition analysis.

Module 3 - Scouting

Get all the secrets and specific tools you'll need to find the best products fast and accurately.

Module 4 - Value Props

Learn how to look and be the most professional seller when approaching brands so they say yes to you being a partner.

Module 5 - Sourcing

Learn how to contact and negotiate with a brand owner to ensure you set yourself up for success. As well as cataloging and placing orders.

Module 6  - Growth

Now that you're up and running, learn how to take it further by implementing techniques for your time, hiring employees, developing a business work flow, and creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

TWF Alumni Facebook Group - 

You'll be able to join a large group of people who are part of the course. Get all your questions answered and have a supportive community to help you on your journey.

Files and Resources -

Dan and Dylan give you long lists and direct links to the exact resources they use to compliment everything that's in the modules. They also have discount codes or free trials for most of them, helping you to save money.

TWF Webinar Recordings -

There's over 6 webinar recordings each around 2 hours that go more in depth on specific topics and give you even more information to help you.

VA Launchpad -

You get a full, comprehensive module on how to not only find a Virtual Assistant (VA), but the best one, too.

Tactical System Building -

There's a full module on how to develop your business so it runs as just that - a business. Systems are key to success.

Tech Tutorials -

Don't worry if you get stuck with tech stuff, you'll be covered here.

TWF Live event - 

An annual LIVE event where you can go deeper in your learning and network and connect with other TWF members.

How does The Wholesale Formula work?

Dylan and Dan teach the three S's to success on Amazon:

The Wholesale Formula Review

Scout - Scout for your products. Use TWF's straightforward process to identify opportunities in the Amazon marketplace that have untapped potential.

Source - Source your products by connecting directly with brand owners and providing them REAL value to become an authorized seller of their products.

Sell - Sell profitable products by following TWF's one of a kind system to consistently beat the market so you can have the wealth, freedom, and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

And as mentioned above, they created a model called "Reverse Wholesale."

Instead of the typical model where it goes from the manufacturer to the wholesale distributor to the Amazon seller, TWF has created a proven way for the Amazon seller (you and me) to find a successful product FIRST that is selling well and THEN contacting the brand owner directly. It not only skips the "middle man," but gives a proven concept first - that the product is already selling well. There's no point in contacting the brand owner if a product isn't doing well. This method saves time and money, and is the most ethical, proven way to do business on Amazon.

You, as the Amazon seller, develop direct relationships with the brand owner, get lower prices by eliminating the distributor, access to specials or deals, have the potential for exclusivity or limited exclusivity, and increased supply chain visibility.

With this approach on Amazon, you'll be able to create multiple passive income streams, one product at a time.

The Wholesale Formula Bonus

How to find products for an Amazon Wholesale Business?

The first rule is - Don't fall in love with the product! 

Instead - fall in love with the PROFIT that product can produce for you!

You're only going to sell high-quality products. But - you want to sell any and every ethical product under the sun if you can put in effort to make it a consistent and recurring stream of profit.

But don't get overly fixated on the right, perfect product. You're going for quantity here.

What you DO want to know with absolute certainty, though, is how much that product is going to make you per month.

Don't worry - I'll show you how you can glance at a product and know within less than 2 minutes how much money you're going to make per month with that product - in PROFIT (not total sales).

The Wholesale Formula Review

Doing this calculation will give you the biggest advantage over other Amazon sellers. No one will show you the actual numbers and how to do it!

This formula requires 4 numbers:

The Wholesale Formula

And here's the description of each of the numbers:

The Wholesale Formula Jason Fladlien

The FIRST number is the price on the Amazon listing. In this case, it's $21.99.

The Wholesale Formula Review

The SECOND number is the number of units this items sells per day.

To figure this out, we need to look at the product's Best Seller Rank (BSR). Amazon updates this number every hour, and the information comes directly from Amazon.

Here's where you'd find it on a product listing:

The Wholesale Formula Review

You can see for this product, the BSR is #2,135 in the last hour in Grocery and Gourmet Food.

Then, we'll need to take that number and use a free tool to get more information.

The free tool is Jungle Scout, and you'll go to:

The Wholesale Formula Review

Then you'll plug in the BSR and choose the category -

The Wholesale Formula Review

Jungle Scout will then spit out a number that you will use in the equation as your second number:

The Wholesale Formula Review

The THIRD number is the constant. It's always 0.15.

It's a VERY conservative estimate of your profit margin for the first product you're selling on Amazon. 

The Wholesale Formula Review

This number assumes you're new, don't use big discounts, or have big exclusivities, or any other special arrangements going on in your favor.

In most instances, you will get a profit margin higher than this.

The LAST number in this particular equation is 8. And how did we come up with 8?

It has to do with the number of sellers that are being rotated through the Buy Box in the product listing (Amazon rotates the sales through each person who is selling that particular product).

So you're going to want to look at the product listing and see how many sellers there are (pic below) -  and use this free Chrome extension.

The Wholesale Formula Review

Here's where you'll see how many sellers are in the Buy Box - the blue box has been blown up and modified to show it more clearly, but don't worry, you'll see the information there when you look yourself on an actual listing.

The Wholesale Formula Review

You'll see in this example, there are 7 sellers rotating through the buy box.

Since you're going to be the 8th, you'll put 8 as the final number in the equation.

The Wholesale Formula Review

So once you plug in all the numbers and run the equation, you'll see that this beef gelatin product will make you $952.41 in PROFIT per month at the very least. 

The Wholesale Formula Review

So you do see this opportunity? We're selling high-quality products that are already in demand (and ethical) - and all you have to do is go source the product.

Here's the equation written out one more time in words so you have a different visual:

The Wholesale Formula Review

So, that was scouting the product. Now we have to source the product.

Remember, these are already established products on Amazon that people are selling. (When you approach the brand owners to sell these products wholesale, you can't come off like a sucking leech! You want to let them know that you are going to be their PARTNER.)

What you're going to do is SELL it retail but BUY it wholesale.

This is where the WHOLESALE MODEL comes in - 

Amazon does all the selling and fulfillment.

The brand has already done its job establishing its product and presence on Amazon.

You do your job by not JUST buying the product in bulk, but by adding true, real-world value.

Other resellers merely place orders with these brands.


You are going to help the brand revise their listing to help them get even more sales (which in turn helps you make more sales, too).

The title is the MOST important part of the Amazon listing.

50% of the time, people buy a product via a search, so if your title doesn't match it, you won't show up.

If you improve the title for this product, everyone will make more money - you, the brand, Amazon, etc. 

So you add value!

What most resellers don't know is you can edit and improve the listing once you start selling the product!

With images - sometimes they don't see what's right in front of them and don't even use images they already have on their own website!

And sometimes it's not even in the right category! The more accurate the category you're in, the easier it is for Amazon to send you all kinds of sales. Once you fix that, sales instantly go up and it can even get the "Best Seller" badge which usually increases sales by 10%!

Bullet points - a lot of people are lazy - you can look at their website again for options.

This technique then sets up a QUAD WIN -

The Wholesale Formula Review

1 - The brand wins because you better represent them and make them more money.

2 - Amazon wins because the product is more customer friendly.

3 - The customer wins because they are more likely to find the product they're looking for.

4 - YOU win most of all because you helped everyone else win!


When you go to approach a brand owner about reselling their product on Amazon, they won't be very receptive to it. They will be cold because they're used to resellers being leeches and not adding value.

So here's what you're going to do.

When you contact a brand, do it over email and keep it simple. 

You're going to say:

"Hello, I'd like to open up a Wholesale account with you, can you please tell me how to do that?"

They will most likely say, "Do you plan on selling it on Amazon?"

You will say: "Thanks for the response. Interesting question. What problems have you had on Amazon?"

This shows it's open ended and you're willing to be a partner.

The best way is to start the conversation with an email and then transition to the phone.

If for someone reason you can't talk on the phone, you can still do everything over email, it will just take longer.

All of this goes into WAY more detail in the course, but you can see how powerful this is already.

How much can you make with TWF?

The results of what you can truly make vary across each person and his or her individual situation, of course.

But, what's promising is the amount of opportunity that is out there to make really good money.

In fact, 1 in 5 Amazon sellers make more than $1 million per year! I'd say those are not only great odds, but a great amount of money for those odds, too.

The Wholesale Formula Review

But, remember that you can tailor this to your own situation and work as much or as little as you want to make as much or as little money as you want.

If you are happy with an $5,000 a week for about 5 hours a week of work, then that might be great for you.

Or, perhaps you have more time and want to make this your full-time, gung-ho gig. In that case, you'll work more hours, and then of course make more money.

So the bottom line is that it's really up to you and it's customizable.

You WILL be able to make money, it's just up to you how much you want and how much time you want to work.

The other point to remember is that you could put in more work upfront for a product (or multiple products), but then once you get things set up, your time drastically reduces and you're making the same amount of money. This graphic shows what I mean:

The Wholesale Formula Review

You could obviously work more hours on either this product itself or more products, but the point is that you can see the customizability of it.

So while it's hard to predict exactly how much you can make with TWF, the point is that you can make as little or as much as you want. 

What are the pros and cons of TWF?

The main PROS to TWF have been pretty obvious so far - the ability to make money online from anywhere in the world, freedom, the ability to build the business as big or small as you want, the ability to tap into a massively abundant opportunity where you WILL make money, and a proven, ethical step-by-step guide that gets you there.

The main CONS I'd say to TWF are the cost of the course and the capital to get started.

However, I feel that both of these costs can be made back pretty quickly and easily.

The cost of the course is fixed, but for the capital, I think you can modify it to fit your needs.

You'll need anywhere from $600 - $200- upfront in capital to get going. But, you can scale to millions with that amount without having to sink any more money out of your own pocket.

You'll generally see it grow by about 30% per month.

So - the KEY here is the compounding of it! Again, without putting anymore money into it.

Would you believe that a measly $600 profit in Month 1 would turn into $1 million in 24 months? 

Check out this graphic that breaks it down:

The Wholesale Formula

So, you can see how powerful just the $600 investment is. 

If you do more on the $2,000 end, it will compound more and you'll reach the $1 million faster. 

But, I really think that you need and should customize it to what your current financial state is, as well as your goals. There is no need for you to have to spend $2,000 right away for capital. You can easily do it with less, and you'll still be successful.

It's not a race! You have lifetime access to the course. 

I know you can make it work for you in whatever way you need right now!

Is TWF worth it?

I think TWF is totally worth it, hands down.

You will be building a sustainable business - but not only that, one that has recurring income AND most of that can be very hands off once you get established.

You'll of course have to put in the work upfront, but I've said a lot here - you can put in as little or as much as you want to make it work for your own situation.

If you want to make money online and work from anywhere, while setting yourself up for long-term financial success, then TWF is one of the best options out there I have seen. 

Dan and Dylan are two regular guys who have changed their lives and countless others, too.

You'll be learning from the best of the best who truly have your best interest at heart.

This program is unlike anything I've ever seen both in regards to selling on Amazon and selling online in general.

It is 100% worth it.

Is Amazon too competitive?

First off, Dylan says that if you’re afraid of competition you’re afraid of success!

Competition is a natural occurrence is business. The reframe should be to use it as motivation, not to induce fear.

Amazon grows 40% per year.  Amazon is constantly growing and there’s always opportunity.

Statistical information shows that 1 in 5 Amazon does over $1 million dollars in sales a year.

And - there aren’t enough sellers to meet Amazon’s growth. Dylan Frost says 2020 will be the largest growth for Amazon in the last 15 years or so.  

The Wholesale Formula doesn't teach you to dodge competition - it teaches you to be a great entrepreneur to crush the competition

If you’re avoiding competition, you’re destined to fail. 

There's plenty of room in the water - come jump on in! 🙂

The Wholesale Formula Bonuses

These bonuses you will get for FREE on top of everything you get in TWF!

PLUS - you'll get even more special bonuses for FREE from me (see below!)

The final main bonuses will be revealed by Jason Fladlien on September 10th. Come back here then and I'll update the list!

1 - The WOW Package

2 - Manage by Stats software

3 - SellerMail

4 - Listing Level-Up

5 - Keyword Radar

6 - Brand Bait

7 - PPC Entourage

8 - Margins

9 - Search. Find. Buy.

The Wholesale Formula Review

Special Wholesale Formula Bonuses

If you sign up for The Wholesale Formula with my link, I will:

1) Be your Accountability Partner and check in with you every 7 days via email

Oftentimes we buy something and never get to it. I don't want that to happen to you this time! I want you to succeed and use this program to change your life!

Having someone to check in with you and be a supportive partner makes a difference and is a huge asset.

It's made a big impact on my success, and I can't wait to be that person for you!

How much does The Wholesale Formula cost?

You can get started today for $997. And then 2 more installments of the same spaced 30 days apart.

Or you can take care of it all at once for $2497.


1) What is the time commitment?

Most people in the program have a full time job or another business. So you can put in what time you want. You can front load it and then add more time later on. You have lifetime access to the course, so there's no rush. You take the time you need!

2) What if I am outside the US?

You can still do it! It might take longer if you don't speak English and are trying to do it all over email. But you can always partner up with someone to contact the brands.

3) I'm afraid brands will turn me down?

You will get turned down more often than not. But someone will eventually say yes and it can be life changing money.

The no is the best part - if they all said yes immediately, it wouldn't be worth doing. Don't take it as a sign of personal rejection - just think each no takes me closer to a yes. There are MILLIONS of brands out there who are waiting for you to contact them.

4) How soon will I see profits?

How soon do you want them? It's the easiest, most scalable way to make money on Amazon. So the profits will come. It just depends on what you put into it.

Success is relative to each person. Some students have gotten profitable in 6 weeks, others in 1 year. Some don't do anything upfront, then come back in 1 year and build a 6-figure business.

There’s no other program that has more success stories period because teach real, proven business model

5) Can I sell my business?

Totally! This is the way you make big money in one shot. You can sell the rights to your system. One seller sold his agreement for over $400K, and others have sold it for much more than that. You can think of this as your long-term "exit" strategy.

Final Thoughts

If 2020 has taught us anything so far, it's that the only thing constant is change. 

People are now laid off, drowning in debt, and having a hard time getting a job.

This is exactly the moment to pivot, take matters into your own hands, and set yourself up for success NOW.

The whole world has moved online for business, and people are buying online more than ever.

This is where not only the present is, but the future. 

It's time to tap into it and take advantage of all the opportunity that is just WAITING for you.

I feel that joining The Wholesale Formula is your chance to do that. 

It gives you a solid, ethical, proven way to make money online and start creating your own life and your own path to financial success and freedom. So that you know you're always protected.

No matter how difficult of a spot you're in, I know you can find even just 10 minutes a day to work on TWF. 

And little by little, you'll be in the spot you've always dreamed you would be - the top.

I can't wait to see you in there!

Should you buy The Wholesale Formula?

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The Wholesale Formula Review

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